HTL CAMPAIGN, PHASE II : TYR ARC ( 28 chapters total )

: “ Ribbon of Honour, ” Part 2 of 2
Written by Ray “Major Brancer” Trembley

The rendezvous as seen by the crew of the TCS Yorktown. The Tyr battle plan/stratagem is revealed in more detail. The Valkyries are set to evacuate the civilian population of Tyr while the Confed carriers form a defensive line. The capship squadrons, meanwhile, will stage hit-and-run strikes to distract the Nephilim and prevent them from interfering with the evacuation.

: “ An Estimation of the Enemy ”
Written by Nick Mazzuca

The Grendels make the first sweep through the Tyr System and get their first look at the Aliens. They find more ships that have been destroyed, along with what looks to be a likely target...

: “ Joker’s Wild ”
Written by Mikhael “Seeker ” Beattie

The Black Angel Squadron runs into Nephilim fighters while on patrol and attempts a rescue of a civilian vessel in the process.

: “ Straight Eight ”
Written by Nick Mazzuca

The Grendels kick back for a little R&R after their reconnaissance mission, given some time now to think about the missions ahead.

: “ Common Heroes, ” Part 2 of 4
Written by Greg “Sandman” Sands

Using the information from the Grendels, the 15th Destroyer Squadron launches the first hit-and-run attack against lead elements of the Nephilim fleet.

: “ Into Harm’s Way, ” Part 1 of 2
Written by Dan “Death” Poore

Set on the 3rd of February, 2681. The 6th UBW Corvette Squadron begins another series of hit-and-run sorties, trying to distract the Nephilim from moving in on the Tyr System.

: “ Das Ende des Anfangs, ” Part 1 of 2
Written by Kevin “Leeloo” Tan

Maximilian Gan, the scion of one of Tanfen’s ruling families, arrives at Tanfen’s base in Tyr only to discover that Tanfen is preparing to pack up and move out. Most of the pirates, privateers, and merchants are also starting to pull out.

: “ Das Ende des Anfangs, ” Part 2 of 2
Written by Kevin “Leeloo” Tan

Tanfen pulls out of its base in Tyr. Despite Max’s protests, the base commander, Lord John Tan, refuses to help evacuate the civilian population of Tyr.

: “ Hostile Takeover ”
Written by Rajan “Raptor” Ragupathy

Captain Que sends the 18th DESRON to assist and bolster the 15th. Meanwhile, the Valkyries prepare to evacuate the civilians on Tyr. Border Worlder Marines board the Tanfen ships and force the Tanfenners to aid in the evacuation effort.

: “ Gejagter unter Jägern, ” Part 1 of 3
Written by Kevin “Leeloo” Tan

Tanfen’s execs hear about the "hijacking." Tanfen and Porhen Industries intensify their private war. Meanwhile, the Tanfen ships in Tyr find themselves dangerously short of fuel and oxygen.

: “ Surprise, Surprise ”
Written by Dave “Renegade” Pattenden

The TCS Endeavour comes under attack by Nephilim fighters and capships.

: “ Into the Fire ”
Written by Shaun “Iceman” Rashid & Dave “Renegade” Pattenden

The attack on the TCS Endeavour and Battle Group Aurora continues. The Endeavour’s pilots beat off the attack while someone on board seemed to be taking the ongoing Prophecy of Sivar debacle entirely too seriously. And on top of it all, is there treachery afoot...?

: “ Ashes to Ashes, ” Part 1 of 3 : Fires at Dawn
Written by Aaron Flokley

The 8th Cruiser Squadron makes another diversionary strike against the Nephilim. There’s also conflict within the unit and factions begin to form amongst the crew.

: “ Ashes to Ashes, ” Part 2 of 3 : Terror in Transit
Written by Aaron Flokley

The crew splits into two groups. One officer is murdered and another is kidnapped.

: “ Ashes to Ashes, ” Part 3 of 3 : Crows in the Churchyard
Written by Aaron Flokley

The squadron withdraws from their engagement of the Nephilim. Meanwhile, things among the crew go from strange to downright bizarre.

: “ Twilight Fury, ” Part 1 of 2
Written by Ray “Major Brancer” Trembley & Nick Mazzuca

Set on February 4th, 2681. Fighters from the TCS Yorktown destroy enemy fighters and destroyers that could threaten the planet Tyr VII but sustain considerable losses in the process.

: “ Twilight Fury, ” Part 2 of 2 : Attack on Nav 5
Written by Ray “Major Brancer” Trembley & Chris Pipinou

The Yorktown’s destroyer escorts, along with the fighters launching off the escorts, carry out the second phase of the strike. They destroy four corvettes, but lose more fighters.

: “ Gejagter unter Jägern, ” Part 2 of 3
Written by Kevin “Leeloo” Tan

Meanwhile, the Tanfenners and Border Worlders find an old depot that has the fuel and oxygen they need, but the depot is home to a pirate gang. Border Worlds and Tanfen Marines launch a raid to secure the depot.

: “ Gejagter unter Jägern, ” Part 3 of 3
Written by Kevin “Leeloo” Tan

The raiding group has to fight off enemy attacks on the way back to the Fleet. Max is forced to grow up fast, because of which he and Kyra begin to gain a better understanding of one another.

: “ Reasonable Doubts ”
Written by Ray “Major Brancer” Trembley, Nick Mazzuca, Chris Pipinou, & Justin Chrystel

The TCS Yorktown’s crew reflect on the cost of their mission and try to come to terms with their own doubts.

: “ Precious Cargo ”
Written by Alex “Ninja” Crisologo

The Confed 1st Torpedo Boat Squadron intercepts and wipes out a Nephilim supply convoy, for the loss of two torpedo boats.

: “ Uncle Willie’s Bugfix ”
Written by Daniel “Bugfix” Klette & Andrew “Neo” Modeen

Set late on the 4th and leading into the 5th. The TCS Valley Forge crew and 71st FW have their first scrap with the Nephilim. Meanwhile, East-West Transport helps evacuate Nephele in preparation for the fleet's falling back to that location.

: “ Full Moon ”
Written by Yu Fei “Phalanx” Leung

Early on February 5th, Battle Group Valkyrie’s Harbinger Squadron hones its skills in preparation for the inevitable battles that lay ahead.

: “ Common Heroes, ” Part 3 of 4
Written by Greg “Sandman” Sands

After leading a group of Nephilim ships around for two days, the 15th DESRON links up with the 18th to wipe them out. Over a dozen enemy ships are neutralized but three destroyers are lost with additional one out of action.

: “ Into Harm’s Way, ” Part 2 of 2
Written by Dan “Death” Poore

The 6th Border Worlds Corvette Squadron, supported by the escort carrier BWS Defiance, is also keeping the Nephilim occupied. Again, the Terrans wipe out a group of Nephilim ships after leading them around for two days, for the loss of a corvette and a third of the CVE’s wing.

: “ Dark Skies ”
Written by Mikhael “Seeker ” Beattie

The evacuation is nearly completed when nearly 120 Nephilim fighters launch an attack on the transports. The attackers are destroyed by Tanfen and Border Worlds fighters, for the loss of about two dozen fighters.

: “ Bugbusters ”
Written by Jason “Dundradal” McHale, Daniel “Bugfix” Klette, & Andrew “Neo” Modeen

Set early on the 6th. The TCS Valley Forge’s flight wing intercepts and destroys a group of Nephilim ships, for the overall loss of approximately a dozen fighters.

: “ Reaping the Whirlwind ”
Written by Rajan “Raptor” Ragupathy

The transports begin moving to the Tyr-Masa jump point while the Terran fleet falls back towards Nephele. Hundreds of fighters clash in a massive mêlée battle over the transports. Early on the 7th, both the Terran and Nephilim fleets jump into Nephele, where Phase III will begin.



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